Operational Changes

SD2S now available with an additional operating mode

Operational Changes

The frequency converter SD2S developed by SIEB & MEYER is now available with an additional operating mode. With this feature the specialist for control and drive technology responds exactly to the user requirements in practice.

The new implementation is especially developed for synchronous machines: Sensorless vector control (SVC) for the operation of HS synchronous motors/generators with a frequency range of up to 2,000 Hz. This technology allows realization of dynamic and robust drive solutions which handle interferences, e.g. short and dramatic load alterations, without any difficulty. Particularly the generator operating performance has been optimized making SVC an ideal choice for applications like turbo compressors or turbine systems for generating electricity in cogeneration units (CHP). Especially technologies for renewable energies require efficient drive solutions with respect to amortization of the investment and output. The new feature allows for four-quadrant operation adjusted to sensorless operation of high speed motors/generators. In addition this device technology is exactly suited to motor-driven or generator-driven operation of ORC systems (Organic Rankine Cycle) or micro gas turbines.

By means of the SVC mode SIEB & MEYER focused on meeting special customer demands – the core competence of the German company. The software extension makes further fields of applications possible for this efficient and powerful device series. Thus, machine operators of various industries benefit in practice.