New Features for Well-proven Drive and Feed-in Technology

SIEB & MEYER on the SPS/IPC/Drives
SD2S, SD2 and SD2M

SIEB & MEYER presents the systems SD2, SD2S, SD2R and SD2M at the SPS IPC DRIVES trade fair in Nuremberg from November 24 to 26, 2015 – four powerful and well-proven solutions in the fields of drive and feed-in technology. This year, the device series SD2S/SD2 and SD2M come with new features.

"We continuously develop our established products further", says Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER. "Now, our well-proven drive amplifier SD2S is available with an EtherCAT interface." The drive system SD2 also comes with new features: The device provides more safety functions for the operation of sensorless motors, such as reliable speed zero monitoring and safe limitation of the maximum output frequency. Furthermore, SIEB & MEYER adds a new device variant with an output power of 229 kVA to the innovative drive amplifier series SD2M which was introduced at the SPS fair as recently as last year. This device variant makes the advantages of the multilevel technology available for motors with a power range of around 90 kW to 220 kW: Users benefit especially from the low motor heating. The primary fields of application for this technology are turbo compressors and turbo blowers.

In addition, the visitors of the SPS fair can discover the benefits of SD2R. The feed-in converter is available for the power range of 15 kVA to 100 kVA and established, for example, in expansion turbines, micro gas turbines, ORC systems and flywheel energy storage units. For these systems SD2R acts as interface between a high-speed generator (max. 2,000 Hz) and the public low-voltage grid. Beside the generator converter, the compact solution includes the mains inverter which ensures compliance with the applicable standard VDE AR-N 4105. The system permits generator as well as motor operation. By means of the integrated ballast circuit the rotor is protected against overspeed even when a mains failure occurs.

Last but not least, SIEB & MEYER exhibits examples of customized solutions at the fair in Nuremberg. These include solutions that were developed on the basis of the device platforms SD2x and SD3. The Lueneburg based company develops solutions for high-speed applications with synchronous and asynchronous motors up to 8,000 Hz (480,000 rpm) as well as dynamic motion applications, e.g. in the press and tightening industry. Beforehand, the customer defines the required functions for the hardware and the software of the device. This ensures optimal adapting of construction, dimensions and interfaces as well as electric performance dimensioning to the specific conditions of the application. In addition, various software functions for user interfaces, statistics, camera integration, communication, data storage and an integrated web server are available. The individual solution is developed and implemented flexibly, cost-effective and in a timely manner.

Please visit SIEB & MEYER at SPS IPC Drives 2015 in hall 4, booth 4-230.