SD3 – the Basis for Customized Drive Amplifiers

Know-how in R&D and Production

The development platform SD3 makes a flexible and cost-efficient development of customized drive amplifiers possible. SD3 supports high-speed applications with synchronous and asynchronous motors as well as dynamic motion applications, e.g. in the press and tightening industry.

The drive platform SD3 is a comprehensive solution for complex, autarkic drive tasks that allows flexible customization. Beside an open system architecture that can accomplish almost all control, drive and visualizing tasks, SD3 users benefit from a wide range of additional services with high value added. In addition, various software functions for user interfaces, statistics, camera integration, communication and data storage are available.

Beside the opportunities for individualization and adaptation, the drive platform provides an integrated web server. Now, the user can access the drive amplifier anywhere and at any time for programming or diagnosis purposes and bug fixing. Operating SD3 directly on site, however, is also simple and user-friendly: An operator panel can be connected directly via USB port and replaces a PC for operation and visualization.

"In the field of specialized niche applications using standard frequency converters designed for the mass market is no or only a suboptimal solution ", says Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER. At any rate, compromises regarding performance, type of construction and required technical functions must be made. This is not the case with the individually customized solutions by SIEB & MEYER: They are constructed in close cooperation with the customer and can be produced in flexible product quantities as necessary. The customer defines the required functions for the hardware and the software of the device. This ensures optimal adapting of construction, dimensions and interfaces as well as electric performance dimensioning to the specific conditions of the application.