New: Drive Amplifier SD2S Supports EtherCAT

Integrated Slave Fieldbus Interface Available in Selected Device Versions

SIEB & MEYER will shortly offer selected device versions of the drive amplifier series SD2S with an integrated EtherCAT slave fieldbus interface. EtherCAT is characterized by an outstanding performance enabling new control concepts that are technically not feasible with classic fieldbus systems or analog +/-10 V interfaces, which are still widely used.

"Among the Ethernet based real-time fieldbus systems the EtherCAT protocol has become established in the field of automation engineering", says Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG. "With the new interface we accommodate this development." In order to enable easy implementation based on established communication and device profiles the CANopen profiles CiA-301 and CiA-402 were implemented. 

The drive amplifiers of the series SD2S come with a flexible software that supports the operation of high-dynamic servo motors and high-speed motors with asynchronous and synchronous technology. Depending on the application SD2S can operate without a sensor, for example, in case of manufacturing spindles in machine tools. Naturally, SD2S can also operate with sensor, for example, high-dynamic tightening spindles in the automotive industry. The efficient software package drivemaster2 supports the user during the application-specific parameter setting and initial operation.

An integrated EtherCAT slave fieldbus interface is shortly available in selected device versions of the series SD2S
Digital switchover: The users of SD2S by SIEB & MEYER benefit from the new EtherCAT interface