Integrated Load Indicator for Frequency Converters and Servo Amplifiers of Series SD2x

Tool breakage monitoring included

A useful function is integrated as standard in the frequency converters and servo amplifiers of series SD2x: The load indicator monitors the status of the active current of spindles. If a preset motor workload is exceeded, the function generates a message.This allows the operator to see if a tool is for example broken or worn-out.

The load indicator is not based on acoustic sensors, but evaluates the actual active current of the motor. Hence, load changes of the motor can be determined very precisely. "This can be used for conclusions regarding the state of the corresponding machine," Rolf Gerhardt, Head of Sales Drive Technology at SIEB & MEYER AG, explains. "If for example an expected current change does not occur during the machining process, a tool breakage is likely." The operator can stop the machine immediately and prevent further damage to the machine. Tool wear can also be detected thanks to the load indicator, since worn-out tools need more power. If a preset load threshold is reached, a message is generated and the corresponding tool can be replaced quickly. This is how a continuous machining quality can be guaranteed.

For frequency converters and servo amplifiers of series SD2x the load indicator can also detect the contact between tool and work piece (gap eliminator). This process is useful for example for grinding and is usually covered by expensive acoustic emission sensors. Last but not least, feed rates can be flexibly adjusted by using the effective load signal. This is particularly helpful for processing work pieces with different material densities (e.g. wood).

The load indicator has different modes with adjustable parameters. Operators benefit from the easy-to-use oscilloscope function which can also be installed on higher-ranking controls. For evaluation within the control processes, the load indicator supports different signals to I/O terminals and to serial data connections.



Load indicator by SIEB & MEYER
The load indicator which is integrated in the frequency converters and servo amplifiers of series SD2x monitors the status of the machine tool