Highly Dynamic Encoder Resolution

Frequency Converter SD2(S): Optimized Drive Function for High-speed Asynchronous Motors

Novelty in the frequency converter family SD2(S): SIEB & MEYER improves the drive function for operating high-speed asynchronous motors. The well-proven drive amplifiers now also enable the operation of milling spindles with low-cost encoders in a wide speed range.

SIEB & MEYER has optimized the drive function „Asynchronous-Servo“ in the frequency converters SD2(S). It is now possible to realize control ranges of up to 1:10,000 with low-cost TTL encoders. Therefore, in the case of a spindle with a maximum speed of 80,000 rpm, even stable speeds of 80 rpm are guaranteed. „Operators of machine tools increasingly use spindles with extremely high speeds and at the same time low-cost TTL encoders with a low resolution,“ explains Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG. „Despite this imbalance, our optimized drive amplifiers allow to operate the spindles in a wide speed range.“

Milling spindles with high speeds are essential in machine tools that are used to rout aluminum casings for mobile phones and tablet computers. In this case the operators have to guarantee very fine machining structures at the highest possible productivity. Whereas in the past, speeds of 30,000 to 40,000 rpm were used, today spindles with 80,000 rpm and higher are used. However, in order to save costs the spindles are often equipped with low-cost TTL encoders with a low resolution of e.g. 256 increments/revolution. A higher maximum speed usually increases the minimum speed, and thus shifts or limits the application range of the machines. The optimized drive function of the SIEB & MEYER frequency converter is a remedy for this problem.

SD2S wih Highly Dynamic Encoder Resolution (© SIEB & MEYER, pemitaki 8,
SD2S wih Highly Dynamic Encoder Resolution (© SIEB & MEYER, pemitaki 8,