Drive Technology

Parameterization via USB

SIEB & MEYER optimized the drive amplifier series SD2S and SD2T for modern applications: In addition to the standard features the devices provide a USB interface now filling a technology gap in communication.

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a well-established standard for connecting external devices to computers. Therefore most modern desktop PCs and laptops do not provide a conventional, 9-pole serial interface anymore. Despite this development the latter is still the standard interface of most devices in drive technology, e.g. for parameterization. This status quo frequently causes problems during initial operation or maintenance of drive technology and makes additional equipment like adapters necessary. By integrating the serial bus system in all devices of the series SD2S and SD2T SIEB & MEYER offers a comfortable and cost-effective solution ensuring trouble-free compatibility with state-of-the-art computer technology: For easy and efficient parameterization without any extra equipment.

Maximum Power without Ifs and Buts

The drive amplifiers provide features for the operation of synchronous and asynchronous motors adapted to the special demands of high-speed applications: high speeds of up to 480,000 rpm at lowest possible motor heating. Machine performance and manufacturing quality of e.g. grinding, turning and routing centers take benefit. Thanks to the reduced heat development, the material expansion is limited and the bearings of the manufacturing spindle can be constructed more rigid.

Especially in the field of grinding applications the devices are convincing, since they can save up to 64 parameter sets for different spindle variants. The connectors of the spindles are coded differently. By means of the individual coding the drive amplifier detects which spindle variant is connected. The integrated technology functions for signal detection allow sensitive monitoring of the spindle load on the basis of the spindle current, which significantly increases the flexibility of grinding machines.

SD2T devices are conceived in table top design. The compact all-in-one solution can be integrated as add-on unit in existing machine configurations or used as stand-alone device.