Drive Amplifier SD2S with Dynamic Active Load Detection

Further Development of Established Products

The latest drive amplifiers of the series SD2S feature a dynamic active load detection as standard. Using this function SIEB & MEYER customers can optimize numerous applications and processes.

The high-precision and dynamic evaluation of the active motor load is already in use by several customers – and well received: "We get often the feedback that our active load detection works very well because of its very fine adjustment", says Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER. Before starting the function the customers can define two independent thresholds for the motor current. Then, three different methods for the current evaluation are available:

  • the motor current is higher than the set threshold
  • the motor current is higher than the set threshold plus an offset that is learned during operation
  • the motor current change (dI/dt) is higher than the set threshold

The feature allows, for example, detecting the tool surface without any additional or external hardware. This way users can make their machining processes more efficient and save time: As soon as the tool reaches the surface – when load is signaled – the drive amplifier automatically switches from a quick feed rate to the processing feed rate. The function enables an additional collision monitoring for grinding machines, whereas in drilling machines it works as a simple broken drill detection: If the load signal fails during a drill stroke, there is a problem with the drill.

Drive amplifiers of the series SD2S are suitable for high-speed applications, since they fulfill the high demands regarding motor losses and dynamics. The devices provide dynamic sensorless control of high-speed asynchronous and synchronous motors and can be used for output frequencies of up to 8,000 Hz (480,000 rpm with a 2-pole motor).