Continuous Development of SIEB & MEYER Products

New Drive Functions of SD2S Make Additional Applications Possible

The new drive functions of the drive amplifier SD2S by SIEB & MEYER permit real 4-quadrant operation of high-speed asynchronous motors with encoder feedback. For this application SD2S features a high-dynamic speed control and a safe limitation of the torque.

SIEB & MEYER has extended the manifold fields of application of the drive amplifier SD2S even further. Now the device can drive high-speed asynchronous motors with encoder feedback in real 4-quadrant operation. "We continuously develop our well-proven products", says Rolf Gerhardt, director sales drive electronics at SIEB & MEYER. "Thereby we focus on the specific requirements of our customers."

In the new application scenario SD2S convinces with a high-dynamic speed control including torque limitation. The latter allows the user, for example, to test different loads at a constant speed in test stations. Another new opportunity for machine tools with asynchronous motors is using high-speed manufacturing spindles as dynamic positioning axis via the CNC. The positioning accuracy depends on the encoder resolution which is limited by the motor speed. A SIN/COS encoder or an encoder with TTL signal can be used as encoder system for this application. The higher-ranking CNC conducts the position control.

The functional spectrum of SD2S still includes the high-dynamic drive amplifier for synchronous servo motors with encoder feedback as well as the frequency converter for sensorless operation of high-speed asynchronous and synchronous motors. The connection with the higher-ranking control can be established via various options – interfaces for analog reference value signals (+/-10 V), digital I/Os, RS232 and USB as well as CAN bus are available. In addition, the SERVOLINK interface or an Anybus adapter permit the connection of Profibus and EtherCAT.