High Machining Quality in Semiconductor Industry

SD2S Comes with Optimized Drive Function

The drive amplifier SD2S by SIEB & MEYER features various drive functions for the users. This makes the operation of high speed electric motors in many fields of application possible. Recently, the Lueneburg based company has enhanced the drive function HSBLOCK. Especially the semiconductor industry benefits from the new development.

The drive function HSBLOCK is primarily used by the semiconductor industry for dicing processes. It permits optimal operation of the high-speed spindles that are driven by permanent magnet synchronous motors. SD2S not only ensures high speed stability during load variations but also low spindle heating – thereby avoiding unfavourable thermal expansion from the outset. Both features in combination with high mechanic stiffness of the spindles are the most important requirements in this field of application.

After enhancing the drive function the maximum rotating field frequency can be increased from 3,000 Hz to 6,000 Hz permitting clock frequencies of up to 64 kHz. This enables the spindle manufacturer to increase the number of pole pairs or the spindle speed. In the course of this optimization SIEB & MEYER also improved the control performance significantly regarding synchronization and dynamics when load is applied. For this purpose the Hall sensor evaluation, for example, was required to have better resistance to interferences. In summary, the enhanced drive function makes a higher machining quality possible and meets the continuously increasing demands of the semiconductor industry.