Easy Parameterization of Drive Amplifiers as well as Optimization and Diagnosis of Motors

Parameterizing Software drivemaster2

The parameterizing software drivemaster2 by SIEB & MEYER supports the entire device family of SD2(S) drive amplifiers. Besides setting the parameters of the drive amplifier, the customer can use the intuitive software solution for diagnosis purposes without any additional measuring equipment.

The software drivemaster2 for the parameterization of SIEB & MEYER drive amplifiers features a clear design and assists the user by means of many descriptive charts and simple block diagrams. Incomprehensible side conditions or complexities are completely eliminated in the user interface. A parameter wizard guides the user step-by-step through the system configuration featuring interactive help messages and comments for additional support. Therefore, the software allows intuitive operation also for users who are not working with it on a daily basis. "Our customer feedback confirms that the easy operation of the software is a major advantage", Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG, points out.

With drivemaster2 the user can save the created parameter set directly in the drive amplifier and protect it by password, if required. This way, the software can save up to 64 parameter sets for different motors and spindles. The user switches the parameter set directly in the drive amplifier or via the inputs of the drive amplifier. "This option is a considerable help for users with a wide portfolio of various motors", says Torsten Blankenburg.

The communication between the PC and the drive amplifier can be established via USB, though an RS232 connection is preferable in direct application environments for reasons of EMC. SIEB & MEYER offers customers a suitable USB to RS232 converter. For diagnosis purposes or to optimize motors the software comes with an integrated but comprehensive oscilloscope function that is operable without any additional measuring equipment.

SIEB & MEYER customers can download the software drivemaster2 from the company website. On a regular basis the latest software and firmware updates are also made available there. As soon as a new software update is available online, the user receives a corresponding message.

drivemaster2 - the intuitive parameterizing software by SIEB & MEYER
drivemaster2 - the intuitive parameterizing software by SIEB & MEYER